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Always On vs The Right to Disconnect

There can’t be many employees who welcome the 10pm email, text or WhatsApp message from the boss requesting a presence at an 8am Zoom call the next morning. Or request that report you’re working on to be ready two days

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A Rose by Any Other Name

A Rose by Any Other Name – Lessons to be Learnt from Yorkshire Cricket’s Handling of Race Discrimination Claims – Last month the rumbling disquiet over Yorkshire Cricket Club’s management of player and staff accusations of discrimination and abuse came

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Covid Update

The Omicron Variant Each day brings fresh news of Omicron the latest twist in the seemingly never-ending story of pandemic threats and responses.  At the time of writing this article we have 15 confirmed cases in the UK, but that

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STEM Returner Index 2021

The STEM Returners Index – Launch of Annual Survey A new initiative that will track the challenges faced by women returning to work after a career has been launched by STEM Returners. The STEM Returners programme helps employers recruit, develop

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Calling it Out

A Tennis Lesson for Employers The focal point of this story is Ms Osaka’s statement that she would be refusing to participate in post-game media interviews.  Her reason for this move being her significant levels of anxiety when dealing with

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All Reboard the Furlough

All Reboard the Furlough As we enter a new phase of tackling the Covid19 pandemic the restrictions on movement and social distancing are starting to relax. Alongside this return to a more mobile life, businesses are looking at the options

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Is it Time for a Four Day Week?

The Four Day Week – we review the recent renewed interest in the four-day week. Can employers make it work? There’s a growing body of opinion amongst leaders of countries and corporations that a four-day week may well be the

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WFH vs Office

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