Business Insight 2022

Business Insight 2022

This group has a BIG idea. We want to form a community that has the knowledge and experience to help prospective, new or experienced entrepreneurs, from under represented demographic groups.

Our aim within Bi22 is to create a comprehensive body of work that informs, supports and reasurres business owners.

“Business Insights 2022” content creation and output will be in a comprehensive multimedia format including white papers, articles, how-to guides, audio via podcast interviews, videos and expert content contributions via webinars.

Each month we will be have a specific topic to cover and seek experts and practitioners to contribute. Members of BIG 2022 will have a priority spot and opportunity to directly participate in events such as webinars, podcasts or have written content promoted throughout the HReSource channels and beyond.


By the end of the year we will have a body of work that we will package in readiness for publication to a global audience and duly credit each and every contributor to that process.

The aim is to make this a rolling programme with each year fresh content and topics available to make each year’s launch topical and relevant.

To produce and manage this annual project will take resources and costs so we will be charging a small monthly fee. Those paying members will receive access to the webinar platform for not only BIG related work but also to communicate on additional aspects of their business, in addition there will be access to the BiG build as we grow the content in readiness for the 2022 launch.


Last but far from least ALL BiG members who contribute in any way toward the final release will be credited on ALL published materials with name and business along with web address if required.